Monika Mauch(Soprano)/Nigel North(Lute)/Musical Banquet(ECM New Series 1938)(輸入盤) - Recorded May 2005. - 1. Passava Amor Su Arco Desarmado 2. Lady, If You So Spite Me 3. Dovro Dunque Morier? 4. Amarilli Mia Bella 5. Si Le Parler Et Le Silence 6. Se Di Farmi Morire 7. O Eyes, Leave Off Your Weeping 8. Vuestros Ojos Tienen D'Amor 9. In A Grove Most Rich Of Shade 10. Lady Rich, Her Galliard 11. Go, My Flock, Go Get You Hence 12. O Bella Piu Che Le Stelle 13. My Heavy Sprite 14. Galliard 15. To Plead My Faith 16. Ce Penser Qui Sans Fin Tirabbise Ma Vie 17. O Dear Life, When Shall It Be? 18. Sir Robert Sidney, His Galliard 19. Change Thy Mind Since She Doth Change 20. Sir Thomas Monson, His Pavin And Galliard 21. Vous Que Le Bonheur Reppelle 22. In Darkness Let Me Dwell 23. Sta Notte Sognava 24. Far From Triumphing Court