Elegy Of The Uprooting/Eleni Karaindrou(P)(ECM New Series 1952/53)(輸入盤) - Recorded March 27, 2005. Maria Farantouri(Voice), Vangelis Christopoulos(Oboe), Socratis Sinopoulos(Constantinople Lyra), Maria Bildea(Harp), Kostantinos Raptis(Accordion Bayan), Sergiu Nastasa(Vln), Renato Ripo(Cello), Stella Gadedi(Fl), Nikos Guinos(Cl), Socratis Anthis(Tp), Spyros Kazianis(Bassoon), Vangelis Skouras(French Horn), Aristotelis Dimitriadis(Mandolin), Traditional Instruments Ensemble: Maria Bildea(Harp), Socratis Sinopoulos(Constantinople Lyra, Laouto), Christos Tsiamoulis(Nay), Panos Dimitrakopoulos(Kanonaki), Andress Katsiyiannis(Santouri), Andreas Papas(Bendir, Daouli), Hellenic Radio/Television Choir, Antonis Kontogeorgiou(Choirmaster), Camerata Orchestra, Alexandros Myrat(Cond) - 1. Prayer 2. Refugee's Theme 3. The Weeping Meadow 4. Dance 5. An Ode Of Tears 6. For The Phrygian Land A Vast Mourning 7. By The Sea 8. Depart And Eternity Theme 9. Rosa's Aria 10. Memories 11. Hecuba's Lament/Hecuba's Theme 2 12. Telamon, You Came To Conquer Our Town 13. The City That Gave Birth To You Was Consumed By Fire 14. An Ods Of Tears 15. Theme Of The Uprooting 1 16. The Weeping Meadow 2 17. Voyage 18. Voyage To Cythera 19. On The Road 20. Parade 21. Return 22. Andromache's Theme 23. The Land I Call Home 24. Home Of My Forefathers 25. I Wish I'm Given There 26. Refugee's Theme 27. The Seagull 28. Song Of The Lake 29. Adagio-Father's Theme 30. In Vain The Sacrifices 31. My Beloves, Your Soul Is Wanding 32. Decision 33. Farewell Theme 34. Theme Of The Lake 35. Hecuba's Theme 2 36. Lament For Astyanax 37. Exodos 38. The Weeping Meadow

(06/10/07)全曲Eleni Karaindrouの作曲した映画音楽で、それを、オーケストラ、古楽器、コーラスを加えた大編成でコンサートをやった模様を収録。ほの暗いサウンドの比較的短めのサウンドトラックを全38曲、CD3枚組みで100分ほどで表現しています。薄暮の中の蒼い世界の中、切ないようなサウンドがあらわれては消えていく、その音世界の構築が見事。哀愁の深いメロディは親しみやすく覚えやすいので体の中に入ってきます。